Old Perithia: A Journey Back in Time

Old Perithia, the oldest village in Corfu, is located in a protected heritage area, just below Mount Pantokrator. A must to visit !

Old Perithia is the oldest village of Corfu. This village is located in a protected heritage area, just below Mount Pantokrator. The remains of the village date back to the middle of the 14th century, but the village is probably much older than that.

Nestled under the highest mountains on the island, old Perithia was once a refuge from pirate attacks. It was one of the richest of the island, surrounded by vineyards, oaks and thousands of sheep and a population of 1200 inhabitants. 130 houses are still there, most of them built entirely by hand. But only a few of them have been restored. The village looks now a little bit like a ghost town, which is part of its charm…

Best Holidays to Corfu Greece Old Perithia

What to do in Old Perithia

Take a trip to Old Perithia if you want to enjoy a nice day, step back in time, walk in the mountains. Or simply have a bite to eat in one of the 4 taverns.

Find the 8 churches of the village

For those who absolutely need a goal to start any activity, you can target to take a picture of each and every church of Old Perithia. You will find a map of the village at the entrance of the village to help you. This map and an awesome guide of the village were edited by Marc, the previous owner of the bed and breakfast “The Merchant’s House”.

Others will simply enjoy walking around the village and discover randomly some of the 130 houses. You will probably pass under a venitian style gate. And then visit the school of the village, closed in the middle of last century.

Best Holidays to Corfu Greece Old Perithia Village

Establish your camp base to hike to Pantokrator

The path to Mount Pantokrator leaves to the right of the main church of Old Perithia which can be seen when arriving from the road. Just outside the village, after passing a concrete cube that serves as a reservoir, a small, barely traced path heads off to the left. Two orange and yellow markings are not very visible so you have to be particularly careful. Except to continue on the main path which is also a nice walk!

Hiking to Mount Pantokrator from Old Perithia village

After half an hour you reach a small kiosk and another dirt road. The view of Old Perithia and the sea on one side, and on the other part of the coast on the other are very beautiful. Turning right on this dirt road you will arrive after another half hour at an asphalt road which will take you to the top of Mount Pantokrator after about twenty minutes. You can visit the monastery there. And refresh yourself and have a bite to eat before going back down to Old Perithia. Magnificent landscapes and an incredible view throughout the hike will be your best reward !

Have lunch or dinner in one of the 4 tavernas

Ognistra is my favorite taverna in Old Perithia. It is the first taverna that you will see after parking your car. Ask Nikos to prepare a rabbit stew for you. Or in Greek, Kouneli stifado. I also like to go to the old Perithia taverna, down the street in the village. There is an awesome view of Mount Pantokrator. And you can also eat kouneli stifado here !

Get to old Perithia

Old Perithia is only 25 minutes away from Kassiopi and from Acharavi. And only 10 minutes away from Villa Voukithro if you stay there. Follow the direction of Loutses and then go straight forward. There is only one road !

best holidays to corfu greece old perithia