Porto Timoni: Corfu's Pristine Twin Beaches

Discover Porto Timoni an awesome double beach accessible after a twenty minute walk from Afionas or by boat from Agios Georgios.

Porto Timoni is situated on the northwestern coast of Corfu, close to the village of Afionas. This relatively secluded location has helped maintain its pristine beauty and keeps it a well-kept secret among travelers who seek tranquility and natural splendor.

The Twin Beaches of Porto Timoni

The most captivating feature of Porto Timoni is its twin beaches. Separated by a narrow strip of land, you’ll find two distinct yet equally enchanting shores. The beach facing Agios Georgios is the more popular of the two. It features soft golden sands, turquoise waters, and a cozy atmosphere. The bay is well-protected from strong winds, making it an ideal spot for swimming and sunbathing. The clarity of the water invites snorkelers and swimmers to explore the underwater world. The other beach is the hidden gem, often less crowded than its counterpart. This beach boasts pebble shores and is embraced by lush greenery, providing a more tranquil setting. The waves here are generally gentle, creating an idyllic place to relax and soak up the sun.

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How to get to Porto Timoni ?

Porto Timoni is in the north east of the island of Corfu. There are two options to reach Porto Timoni. Walking down to the beach from Afionas or taking a boat from Agios Georgios.

Get to Porto Timoni from Afionas

Reaching Porto Timoni from Afionas is the option that I recommend because Afionas is a very charming village. You will love its very narrow white streets with very colorful gardens and flowers. The view from Afionas is also stunning. And most importantlty for social networks addicts , you will be able to take a selfie with the double bay in the background !

You can also have a drink or a nice lunch in a great taverna called Anemos before walking down to the beach. By the way during high season it may be difficult to park in Afionas and Anemos has a private car park for its guests.

Best Holidays to Corfu Greece Afionas
Afionas streets

Walking down or riding a donkey ?

From Anemos restaurant walking down to Porto Timoni is a 20 minute hike following a nice path. The path is large enough to welcome one donkey and during high season you will probably have the option to ride one for a few euros. Maybe not the most confortable way but probably more exotic and less tiring than just walking.

There are two spots where you can take nice photos of the double bay but during high season you may have to queue to take your selfie. Unless if you choose to arrive in the early morning or late afternoon.

To get down the beach it is better to have proper shoes but I did it many times with flip flops without any problem. You need to watch your steps but the path is very safe.

Best Holidays to Corfu Greece path from Afionas to double bay

Get to Porto Timoni from Agios Giorgios

You have several options to reach Porto Timoni by boat from Agios Georgios. The easiest is clearly to take a taxi boat. The price should be around 10 euros per person if you are enough on board. It will take only 5 minutes but you will have to agree with the boat man on the time to pick you up back from Porto Timoni.

The other option is to rent and drive yourself a boat for the day and explore the other beaches of the area. The price should be around 140 euros.

And the last option is to rent a pedal boat and reach Porto Timoni following the coast.

Best Holidays to Corfu Greece Boatman

What to do at Porto Timoni

First you need to decide on which beach you want to stay. I personally prefer to stay on the beach facing Agios Georgios. It is less windy and I like the view of Agios Georgios in the background. If you brought mask and snorkel you can explore the underwater on both sides of the bay. You can also swim to a little rock in front of the beach.

Don’t forget to bring water, sun protection, a hat and if you are very sun sensitive an umbrella because you will not really find any shade on any of the two beaches. You may also want to bring a small foam mattress in addition to your bath towel because the beaches are mostly made up of pebbles.

In any case you will be lighter on your way up because you will probably have drunk all your water !

And then do whatever you would do on a regular Corfu beach : relax, sleep, read, swim, explore the surroundings !

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